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Get ahead of hundreds of Fitness Professionals out there and set up Your own Fitness Website.

We have teamed up with YFW to offer a fully functional website to suit everyone in or around the health and fitness industry. They are simple to use, simple to navigate, they look awesome and you can even edit your website yourself (should you wish).

Your Fitness Website has helped Personal Trainers, Health Clubs, 1:1 Studios, Physiotherapists, Reflexologists, Fitness Models and many more get a good web presence, fast.

Increase Awareness Build your reputation Reach more people Promote yourself independently Get the jump on other trainers

All of their sites put you in complete control.

What you get:

You will get a fully responsive & dynamic website – Completely owned by you –

Your own domain name ( –

Your own email address (your

Is a custom built, fully editable website so you can really help your business thrive.

It will look sexy and reflect what your business does in the real world.

You can fully manage your website yourself and have complete access at all times!

Included, you get…





FREE as part of our
Personal Training Certification Mentorship