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Courses for Martial Artists

Courses for Martial Artists

Want to improve the speed of your kick?  What about the height of your jumps? or the sheer power of your punch?… Read on.

This is a unique opportunity for a Martial Artist from any style of Martial Art to improve any physical and mental aspect of their training progress.

Our intensive training courses can improve physical conditioning, multi directional dynamics, muscle reactions, flexibility and even the psychological effect of competing.

We can improve your technique without altering your technique. By combining many different tools and understanding the way in which every human moves, we have a successful combination to improve (bio-mechanically) any style of Martial Art.


Our courses that will help the Martial Artist, Instructor, Coach or Fighter include (but are not limited to):

WAKOICC Instructor Coaching Course
Psychology of Fighting (for Competition) Course
Nutritional Concepts
Intensive Black Belt Programme
Bio-Mechanics of Kickboxing (WAKO) Course
Bio-Mechanics of Martial Arts Course
Kettlebell Instructor Course
Core Conditioning Course
Sandbag Instructor Course
Bodyweight Suspension Course
StrongMan Training Course
Extreme Circuit Training Instruction

For some organisations, a tailored course for several of the above elements can be arranged. Terms apply. Contact for details.