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Installation Workshop – Functional Training Instructor

This workshop will show you how to achieve a clear understanding of what ‘functional training’ truly means for your space.

You will find that defining Functional Training is actually very simple. In addition to that, we include practice time with a variety of equipment that are being used more and more for truly functional training such as the Rig, Sandbags, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Boxing Bags and Suspension Systems.

Learn the top rules of functional training, the 9 key human movement patterns, how to correctly use them and how to programme with varied types of equipment for delivering safe, effective, interesting & challenging PT sessions.

This workshop is completely tailored to your gym studio space and will cover the fundamentals of Functional Training for already established trainers. When we arrive, we will organise the practical element around the equipment that you have on-site.



Length: 0 minutes

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