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CPD BootCamp Instructor

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The Aim of Bootcamp Instructor is to provide a comprehensive overview for fitness professionals of the background and practical application of Bootcamp Training, and how to apply this is as an income stream.


Objectives : By the end of the course attendees should be able to:


  1. List the benefits of bootcamp style training for both clients and trainers.
  2. Select appropriate equipment and drills for bootcamp style training.
  3. Develop intensive or extensive programmes for bootcamps.
  4. Use a variety of exercise games and additional strategies to increase adherence with bootcamp clients.
  5. Understand how to expand potential income incomes within bootcamp programmes.




Theory – Pre-Course Worksheets.

Practical – Completion of tasks



MANUAL DOWNLOAD Please click the link below to download the Course Manual. This MUST be reviewed prior to arriving for the live day. In this document you will find the: Course…


PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM This MUST be completed and submitted as accurately and concisely as possible BEFORE you attend the live training day. Once you have hit ‘submit’, please continue…